Dr. Siemen Consult - Unternehmensberatung und Managementberatung

Executive search

Search for and selection of specialists and executives by means of direct contact. The advantage is that we can speak to established executives and awaken their interest in your company - without being watched by your competitors.

Our approach:

  • We get to know your company personally and are informed about your markets, products, organisation and management philosophy.

  • We prepare the requirements profile for the open position, if desired, together with you.

  • We search for appropriate experts.

  • We narrow down the choice by using professional methods (analysis of the application documents, language tests, structured interviews which particularly focus on the soft skills).

  • We present the expert's reports with our assessment of those persons who from our point of view are suitable candidates.

  • We are pleased to take part in interviews with the candidates you chose.

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