Dr. Siemen Consult - Unternehmensberatung und Managementberatung


We carry out only individual outplacements for executives by order of companies.

It is a precondition that the consultant and the executive concerned accept one another in order to enable a confiding co-operation.

The company can avoid damages to its image if it assumes responsibility for its employees beyond the end of their employment relations and if it supports the individual in undertaking a new task in a different company.

Our approach in close co-operation with the executive concerned:

  • We hold regular working sessions.

  • We discuss the current situation.

  • We develop possible prospects for his/her professional career jointly.

  • We prepare a profile made anonymous and meaningful application documents.

  • We search for appropriate lines of business and companies.

  • We forward the profile to a selection of companies.

  • We send the application documents to interested enterprises.

  • We prepare him/her individually for job interviews.

  • We document the measures carried out.

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